We help brands activate more people.

Not just any people – more of the right people. For over a decade we’ve created marketing experiences that get them to stop, pay attention and share. Our proven model can provide the driving force for emerging and established businesses alike.

We do this by creating narratives that evoke an emotional connection between brands and the consumers they want to engage.

Then, we leverage these stories to be told through strategic channels and experiences. From immersive interactive experiences, to influencer programs that build credibility and relevance, to partnering with consumers themselves to spread the message in their own, authentic ways.


We connect brands with more consumers, both in the physical world an online. We have a four stage process that we know delivers greatness. We tailor this process proportionately, based upon your specific needs.

Trusted by category leaders worldwide.


Dispatch's clients are a cross section of the largest active, fashion, wellness, travel, food and apparel brands in the world.


Do You Have a 2017 Roadmap for Social Media?

November 1, 2016

DO YOU HAVE A 2017 ROADMAP FOR SOCIAL MEDIA? Dispatch has developed a social media quick start project to develop a roadmap to deliver higher levels of brand engagement for…

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