Better Narratives

The biggest opportunity today lies in both owning your story and telling it clearly.

As marketers, we wake up to a new world almost every day, one where the lines of communication have become increasingly blurred. However, while the tools of the trade have changed, the heart of marketing remains the same; storytelling.

At Dispatch, we leverage a decade of experience in active-lifestyle editorial direction with data-driven narrative plans to help clients reach more people with their stories – through bespoke publishing models, monetization strategies and engaging content. This means you get to control how your story is told and by whom, exactly where and when you want.

Stronger Communities

Engagement with today’s consumer doesn’t just mean social sharing or a big news story.

Now that the channels for influence include social media and more, effective consumer engagement is a whole new ball game. At Dispatch we make sure you’re the subject talked about by the right people in all the right places.

Finding, working with and befriending influencers happens naturally for us because we speak the same language as them and practice what we speak. We help clients who really need to be talked about; between people at the gym, or intertwined groups of trusted peers, to get the attention they need.

Deeper Engagement

True brand loyalty depends on more than just bigger crowds.

Amazing live experiences are an essential part of activation. What really matters though is making sure your fans stay tuned-in once they’ve left the show. We deliver long-term, sustainable engagement around your key events and activations.

Our integrated engagement campaigns ensure the ‘tent pole’ event becomes just one part of the overall experience, meaning your fans & followers stay engaged for longer; maximizing your investment.

Bigger ROI

Too many brands miss out on the ROI they are owed.

We understand that many brands either rely on traditional and paid media, or are simply locked in to deals they can’t break out of. We help our customers get the most from ongoing spend across combined & legacy paid media.

We do this by analyzing performance and devising strategies and campaigns that can be wrapped around existing activities, increasing traffic and awareness, driving greater engagement. As well as meaning you get higher returns from existing activities, you can also stress-test what’s working and what isn’t, informing future planning.

Let's Talk

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