The inventor of wood pellet grill led the fastest-growing yet least known grill category until it opened up to competition. Recognizing the need to maintain its leadership, Traeger called upon Dispatch to help expose Americans to the category of wood pellet grills while making its products the choice for consumers.

Armed with the category’s best products, world-champion celebrity barbecue chefs, passionate clients and Dispatch’s ability to reach influence new target consumers, we helped the company tune barbecue vernacular for everyone, best leverage its key investments, and gain customers that turned from smoker newbies into hardened cooks.

Experiential: Bringing fire to NYC rooftops

Traeger’s proof lies in what happens to your taste buds.  Tasked with initiating top influencers in NYC to the brand, Dispatch did what we do best:  created the ultimate brand experience and brought the brand’s story to life. We brought in a world champion barbecue cook, Traeger sous chefs and secured the ultimate midtown Manhattan penthouse where our team smoked and cooked all day and all night for the week to bring competition barbecue to our plugged-in city slicker guests. The meals were off the charts, and we used the opportunity to seed and deliver grills to our guests to get them hooked on Traeger.

Taking the competition head on

De-positioning the competition was part of our strategy. And for Traeger, the competition included some established names in the space. Those who truly “get” Traeger’s products are typically enthusiasts of food, grilling or in the case of our pal Wes at Outside Magazine, a big game guy. Hunters and fisherman know their way around a smoker and we got West sorted with a grill to go head to head with The Big Green Egg. Spoiler: Traeger won the shootout.

Extolling the grilling experience  

We armed our influencers with the right tools to become pros and barbecue pros they became – and boy did they share about it. There’s a certain pride that comes with cooking a great meal, and we love that social sharing of food has become a BIG thing. Product experiences and reviews glared with positive feedback as part of our program.

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