For the past decade Dispatch has been a key partner in Lake Tahoe’s winter destination marketing, working with leading ski resort operators Vail Resorts, KSL Partners and regional travel and tourism agencies. Through our tenure working with these key players, partners and the individual 9 ski resorts, we helped this collective effort crystallize Lake Tahoe’s winter destination stories and successfully reach and engage hundreds of millions of winter travelers.

Defining the voice of Lake Tahoe’s winter offering

Competing with the likes of Colorado and “Ski Utah,” we had our work cut out for us to secure widespread perception that Lake Tahoe is America’s premier winter destination.

All the while, we know we had a better destination ski product, we just needed people to be exposed to it. We developed the tried and true destination communications pillars used by the organization and through pounding the pavement for over a decade, reached hundreds of millions of people through traditional and social media with the key messages: Colossal Snowfall, Unparalleled Variety, Accessibility, Non-Stop Entertainment, Iconic/Unique Beauty.

Inspiring travel bookings through creative storytelling

Lake Tahoe is riddled with interesting stories about its overall winter destination experience.

However the traditional media channel only offers so many story opportunities. For the 2016-17 season, Dispatch helped Ski Lake Tahoe create a content marketing program and engage would-be travelers with rich storytelling. We defined the content pillars and created over two dozen pieces of original content, ranging from long-form stories to listicles to visual pieces and re-developed the Ski Lake Tahoe blog into a Storytelling and Engagement hub on the SkiLakeTahoe website.

Digitally engaging winter travelers, Tahoe style

In addition to the rich content produced for the revamped Ski Lake Tahoe blog, Dispatch introduced digital campaigns into the mix for the 2016-17 season as this was a missing element to the efforts’ digital program.

Throughout the season Dispatch executed a series of campaigns within Wayin creating engagement opportunities for consumers to share the amazing stories they read and have some fun with us on the site. Our lead campaign was the custom “Vacation like a local” travel planner app that Dispatch developed to not only inspire travelers to bring that itinerary to life in Lake Tahoe, engulf them in the region’s laid-back California culture with every click. This custom app featured a curated selection of locals, spots to hit, resorts and ski trails and other elements that make up a Lake Tahoe experience.

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