Dispatch helped build the Real Wellness by Ricky Williams cannabis wellness brand from the ground floor, including creating the brand launch marketing strategy and ongoing brand management and execution. Our work in the active, wellness and cannabis spaces and our talent pool proved to be the right fit for RW and Ricky as he continues to marry his life passions with his entrepreneurial pursuits.

Creating the RW brand

The Dispatch team helped lay down the creative foundation for RW, lending directive support to nearly every aspect of the brand.

Beginning with visual direction for the logo, our work extended to packaging, direction and copywriting for the RW website, storytelling content strategy, and brand guidelines.




Building and engaging audiences

Our influence model for RW spanned its primary consumer channels: B2B and B2C. We utilized social, traditional media channels, retail and brand partners to help reach and engage the right audiences.

Dispatch’s communications approach included developing the integrated social and traditional media strategy and using a unified tone and storytelling approach to build our audiences. Dispatch set the social media guidelines, directed the creative approach, art directed and managed the shoots to gather visual assets. Dispatch launched the RW social media channels and have been growing the each of these communities with levels of engagement far above industry average. Part of our strategy was to leverage Ricky’s celebrity but only in the right way that supported his personal passion as a healer and with the proper tone and directive – so we implemented cross-channel digital strategies to utilize his personal channels to fuel RW growth.




Launching the RW brand

Our launch strategy for RW centered around a multi-channel approach largely driven by traditional and social media yet also included leveraging retail partners and experiential touch points with Ricky, our celebrity founder.   

Our launch goals included: position RW as a trusted source for health-conscious consumers entering the cannabis market; gain national and regional awareness in our key California sales markets; launch and grow social media communities and engage these audiences with timely and relevant content; and continue to drive Ricky’s brand-centric approach focused on healing.

We achieved our objectives in high style. Following a busy press schedule and a dozen interviews Dispatch landed 400 press placements gaining 722 million impressions with top national and regional media. Our launch on social media also exceeded engagement rates for our launch-related posts and our live video stream with over 5,000 views across Instagram and Facebook.

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