Southern California’s largest integrated cannabis company has a unique position in the burgeoning California cannabis industry and ambitious plans for its future. With so much competition and isolated regional awareness of local cannabis brands, OutCo called upon Dispatch to gain broader recognition with national audiences and secure a position of thought leadership in the space.

Thought leadership for the win

Thousands of hands are being raised in the cannabis industry on a daily basis as every player wants their moment. While so many believe they’re leaders, fewer companies are surviving in the regulatory correction that cannabis-related laws have created. This is OutCo’s primary market advantage, yet the company also creates continuous milestones in the science of cannabis.. To help OutCo rise above Dispatch has earmarked thought leadership as the driving platform for our influence work. It starts and ends with OutCo’s people and the achievements they’re making for the company and in the industry. Our approach will communicate this leadership in all of the right places, from media channels, to rich storytelling, events and interpersonal means. In California’s first year of legal recreational use of cannabis, one of our first tactics was for OutCo to lead trend conversations.

Carrying business strategies forward

Part of OutCo’s future business strategy in cannabis is its growing strategy to be a cannabis contract manufacturer. Its first foray beyond its house brand cannabis and CBD products is its important partnership with Real Wellness by Ricky Williams, a cannabis wellness brand. Dispatch has bridged both sides of this positioning with RW and OutCo to ensure that OutCo and its executives secure their role and position with the brand and create appeal to the marketplace of this capability. Beyond brand creation, helping OutCo establish its presence in new regions where it will operate is part of our influence program to reach local audiences while also showcasing its positive growth to investors.

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