On the floating end of powersports, Dispatch has helped iconic American sport boat manufacturer MasterCraft Boats reach new audiences and make a transition into a lifestyle brand.

Over the years, we’ve helped the company maximize its recent milestones, ranging from its initial public offering to product positioning and communications, through to growing the amount of people that are engaged with and really care about the brand.


Powersports Positioning & Messaging

While there are plenty of Americans who live endless summers on their boats, these are still luxury vehicles that are accessible to a select few. Dispatch was hired by MasterCraft to make more Americans aware of its towboats and the brand to help lure new buyers.

Experts in power sports messaging and positioning, Dispatch has guided the company the last several years create impact for its key stories and gain visibility to a consumer base unfamiliar with the sport boat category and the brand. Not only have we helped grow the pie for MasterCraft through hundreds of millions of impressions, we’ve helped grow conversations about boating.


Aligning Surfing Lifestyle to Product Storytelling

We’ve been a trusted partner in MasterCraft’s venture into the lifestyle category defined by surf culture. We’ve supported every key aspect of this transformation from helping MasterCraft leverage its ambassadors at concerts or throwing surf parties in Manhattan to integrated marketing campaigns with surf industry partners to launching its lifestyle online destination, craftlife.com.

While venturing into all of these new endeavors, we kept our eye on the prize by aligning the surf message with products and getting millions of landlocked surfers to consider MasterCraft.

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