Dispatch helped launch the leading premium denim brand establish and engage with a new digital community by launching its social media properties and enacting its content marketing program. Our program quickly grew and gained traction and included the first consumer-direct commerce for premium denim through Facebook.

Giving fans a way to get personal with J Brand

One of the company’s strengths is that it operated like a small family, and people were closely tied together and available. Since fashion is a tough industry to crack, giving our fans exclusive, behind-the-scenes content was a huge opportunity and performed well from a content perspective. Photo shoots were a gold mine to gather assets that we published on owned and on social channels.

Driving retail traffic through digital

Like many e-com enabled brands operating in industries with specialty retail channels, we needed to balance direct sales with support for brick and mortar. Geo-targeting played a role in our retail and regional events strategies as well as collaborating with our partners on social collaborations to boost event attendance. We utilized the blog to go deeper into the culture and personal side of events.


Collaborations fueled our communities

The label that created the “jegging” was in high demand and in all the right places when we kicked off our program. Partners were lined up to collaborate with us, bloggers and influencers were a plenty and we had plenty of ideas that we put into motion ranging from giveaways to experiences and surprise and delights for fans. Maximizing J Brand’s key fashion collaborations became part of our digital work with fashion houses including Hussein Chalayan and Duarte.


Creating a first on Facebook

In the infancy of custom tabs and personalization of brands’ Facebook pages, we helped make J Brand’s destination a hub where fans would spend more time…and shop. We wanted our community to gain unique content from the platform, yet integrate multimedia content like YouTube video, engage in our promotions, and of course buy J Brand. We worked quickly to enhance the custom tabs and ultimately launched the first direct-purchase in the premium denim space that sent fans from our Facebook page to the jbrandjeans.com store.

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