As a CMO consulting project, Dispatch was hired by promising EduTech startup, Ambi, to help build the brand creative foundation create the launch strategy and soft launch the brand in the EduTech space.

To build the brand, we assembled the right vendors to assist with brand creative services and digital, then built the brand narrative and platform, brand and product messaging created the GTM and digital strategy.

With a goal of a soft launch at an EduTech user conference, we ensured that the new brand narrative was brought to life via executive presentations, sales pitches to potential customers on-site, and via owned properties including the web page and launch video that we helped develop.    


Let’s be real.

To set the tone and voice for the brand was critical as Ambi must appeal to two key and very different audiences: students (users) and executives (decision makers). Founded and developed by students, and with a brilliant software platform that benefits them in incredible ways, it was important to have a young, colorful tone and voice that makes students know we’re real – but yet remain authoritative.

Working with a key creative partner, we developed the tone and voice from one key persona we created that we felt crossed all audience segments and conveyed the brand essence.

Aligning the narrative to audiences

Having the right people in your corner can make all of the difference. Ambi’s investors and board contributed heavily to the knowledge base that we synthesized and used as our basis to hone in on key audience segments – in addition to industry analysis and statistics. We factored in these critical insights to develop the Ambi’s three brand pillars and the brand narrative, and it all flowed downstream from there.

Creating effective first impressions

In today’s business environment, not only do you gave to make the right first impression, but you’re dealing with an incredibly shorter audience attention span. When it came time to create and utilize the first consumer-facing assets for our soft launch, we ensured that Ambi had a clean and brand-aligned landing page for the EduTech space, and that our launch video also derived from our narrative. Our tone, and our executives’ illustration-heavy visual aesthetic carried through and the primary conversion point was effective.

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