Dispatch is a core team of marketing professionals based in California and Colorado, two key hotbeds for active lifestyle culture. The firm is led by big agency “lifers”, responsible for having created visionary paths for Fortune 100 companies in technology, finance, healthcare, automotive and sports.

Our team of key creators range from data nerds, art directors, former professional athletes, journalists and marketing and communications professionals, all of which specialize in working with active lifestyle people.

We know active lifestyle

We specialize in understanding the interests and behaviors of people who live active lifestyles

This understanding comes from over a decade of designing immersive experiences for active lifestyle influencers and consumers. During this time we’ve had to know everything about them to create winning experiences. From what trails, vehicle types, food, apparel and entertainment they prefer to people they like to hang with. Furthermore, we live the adventurous, active lifestyle of your customers. In fact, we are probably your customers too.

We understand data…

…and how to use it. In today’s active lifestyle market knowing data is the difference between ideas that work and brands that fail. Our appreciation and understanding for the power of data is what really sets us apart. We innovated early to bring data to the table, evolving from traditional media to create a more insight driven, razor sharp agency. Using a variety of data platforms allows us to keep a constant pulse on all things surrounding a client’s industry, products and target audience which means better insights and bigger ideas for you.

We challenge convention

The effectiveness of traditional media and PR channels is in rapid decline, meaning all of us have little choice but to deploy our marketing capabilities differently. As modern marketers, we must continuously challenge the conventional ways of doing things. However, the available opportunities are expansive and shifting, making it difficult to always know what’s wrong or right.

Dispatch specializes in working with marketing teams that are time poor or don’t have access to some of the new skills required. We do this by combining decades of leadership experience from within agencies with an entirely new take on how to understand and select from the multiple platforms, channels, ideas and approaches available. Furthermore, we’ve structured our business so that you get to use us one-on-one.

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