Social Media Weekly Roundup

It may feel difficult to keep tabs on the ever-changing world of social media. We'd like to help streamline these weekly updates in one place. This week's roundup covers Facebook's new milestone, changes in Twitter's leadership changes, and Instagram redesigns. 

Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Rawpixel/iStock / Getty Images


Facebook now has 2 billion monthly users…and responsibility (Tech Crunch)  

The social media powerhouse has officially reached 2 billion monthly active users. To put that number in perspective, Instagram currently has 700 million active users. Facebook's CPO addressed the new milestone and the responsibility that comes from the coveted number social app. Facebook understands the impact they have on their users’ lives and are striving to construct an even more positive manifesto with their transparency reports and deeper explanations about policies and procedures. 

Facebook video ad viewability rates are as low as 20 percent, agencies say (Digiday

Facebook is under fire again for inconsistent metric delivery. However, number inflation is not the problem. Facebook has been receiving pressure from ad buyers and let third-party auditors check its numbers. They were shocked to find viewability rates on Facebook video campaigns as low as 20 percent, going up to 30 percent. On average the viewablity rates for video ads on sites are approximately 50 percent. Facebook declined to comment.  

Facebook Will Soon Let Brands Target Ads Entire Families or Specific People Within Households (AdWeek

Facebook gets personal. Facebook’s new tool would take ad buying to the next level. Brands would target ads at people who influence purchasing decisions and other ads to the people making the actual purchases. Brands can select a source audience— a custom audience uploaded to Facebook— that represents their customers based on an email list, for instance— and then turn on the household audience feature to reach not just the person they’re targeting, but also other people in the same household. 

Instagram Reveals Radical Redesign (Forbes

Instagram is unrolling a new Favorites feature that would allow users to customize a group of friends to share posts and stories with. They are also testing a ‘lightweight profile refresh’ that would simplify and organize its current features without changing how the app works. 

Uptime, YouTube’s experimental app opens to all (Tech Crunch)  

YouTube has launched an app that specifically allows users to watch videos with friends. Instead of viewing videos solo and then sharing the YouTube link, Uptime allows users to watch videos with friends directly in its app. Friends can co-watch in real-time or can join later to see reactions, giving Uptime a lively and interactive feel even when you’re watching alone. 

Twitter has a new VP of inclusion and diversity (Tech Crunch

Candi Castleberry Singleton has spent much of her career leading organizational change and building I&D into core business practices and now she plans to build upon Twitter’s great progress. 

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