Sports Marketers Need To Be As Active As The Audience. 

5 ways to drive more value from your sports marketing dollars. 


Sports marketing like all forms of other marketing has to be re-imagined. When brands of any size are making investment dollars in sports marketing they can’t rely on simply being present anymore, they need to be as active as the audience is. We have all seen it, the title sponsor of an event just places a logo in the major spaces for TV viewers to see, an endorsement of a marquee athlete only to be seen on their jersey or thousands of proud marathon finishers have a logo on their shirt. 

At Dispatch we have the great pleasure of working with some of the largest brands in outdoors sports and every one of them are exploring ways to make the most of these dollars and going so far as to question whether the conventional methods make sense. We have rounded up five ways to make the most of your sports marketing budgets.

James McQuivey, an analyst with Forrester Research, sums it nicely. "Sports is a massive business that is only barely beginning to experience digital transformation. The years ahead will be full of many opportunities to change the way sports are 'delivered' as an experience in the stadium, near the stadium, or at home, not to mention outside of actual game time. All of those innovations are digital."


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