Step 3: Product Experience Design  - The vision for how a consumer will engage with the new product?

As part of the first phase, we believe it’s essential to express a conceptual direction of the new product and how consumers will interact with it across time, place and device. To help the team at the 20 Collective imagine how this will come to life, we will first start by developing a rich set of experience scenarios.  These are short narratives of how the different profiles will interact with the product; these written stories are brought to life with sketches of the interactions and design mockups of key screens. 


Customer Journey Maps: Based on the Phase 1 requirements outlined in the experience roadmap we will create up to 5experience scenarios to describe the various ways a person can use the new product to accomplish a set of goals. These scenarios will also illustrate any work that will need to be done by the client and or agency support team behind the scenes. These scenarios are short linear written stories which are aligned to the profiles established in the earlier phase of work.

 Design sketches & comps: To help visualize how a person will interact with the new product across different channels, devices and events we will design sketches to simulate the environment where someone will engage and develop directional design comps to imagine how the product screens might come to life. The result of this phase of work will be a set of sketches aligned to customer journeys and high-level screen designs of the product experience.