Step 2: Strategy & Planning - Developing the roadmap

Once we have a clear set of consumer insights and have completed our working session with the 20 Collective leadership team, we will develop a strategic roadmap for the brand & product. Since the 20 Collective has already done most of the work around why you exist and what you believe, our work in this phase will be focusedon the vision of the new digital product, clear objectives and how we bring a product to market that is different and better from anyone else. 


Vision & Conceptual Platform: We will develop a single vision for the new product which clearly articulates the how/ what and why. Using the vision statement, we will develop up to 3 concepts. These concepts will express how we can bring this product to life in a way that will deliver on the goal of getting more people on bikes, more often. These concepts will be presented as a series of sketches where we as a joint team agree on which platform we like the best. This critical milestone will establish the direction for the rest of the project. 

 Business/User/technical requirements: For us to deliver on the conceptual platform we have all agreed upon we will need to establish some guard rails. These guard rails will be the what are the requirements for business e.g.,:(staff, resources, business measurements), the requirements that must be delivered to satisfy the users goals and finally what are the technical requirements to support the new platforms. The result of this phase of work is a list of prioritized requirements.

 Experience Roadmap: The culmination of this phase of work will be a 12-18 month roadmap to show how this product will evolve over time. The road map will outline at a high level the features, channels, people and content and budget ranges needed to support each phase.