Step 1 - Research and Insights - Understanding the audience

To develop an informed strategy we need to know what is preventing people from riding their bikes often and for those who do ride what motivates them to do get out. To develop profiles of these consumers, we will need to aggregate existing data, synthesize the research and pull key insights out. As part of this process we may determine that the existing research does not provide us with all the answers, we need to make informed decisions, we as a collective group will need to determine the whether we commission a quick study to find these answers or base our strategy on what research exists. 


Competitive Audit: We will evaluate up to 5 competitors and evaluate brand clarity, consumer experience, content, digital platforms used,  and overall customer engagement. The insights which will be shared as a stand-alone artifact will be used to inform our product design, messaging and content strategy. 

Consumer Landscape:  This step in the process is where we gather, analyze and form key insights from the all publicly available data to help us gain a better understanding of what motivates people to get out and ride and what prevents people from getting out.   We realize there is a high probability that gaps in current research will exist. We will work in close cooperation with the People For Bikes research team to address how we want to move forward with incremental research. The consumer landscape will be a stand alone artifact organized by the key insights find.

Consumer Profiles: Using the existing research we will develop up to three customer profiles. These profiles will create a picture of the target customer, their broader attitudes/opinions/behaviors, affinities, online consumption patterns along with their engagement levels on bicycles. Experiences, content, and messaging will are aligned to the unique characteristics of these profiles. 

Bespoke Consumer Research: At this stage of the project we are not able to propose what additional research needs to be conducted for us to have a complete view of the consumer.