Step 4: Storytelling - Engaging consumers with rich storytelling

To help people overcome the barriers that exist between them and getting their bike, we will need to compliment utility features like finding a place to ride with stories to inspire, engage and courage them to change their mindset. We will use the insights from the consumer research combined with trends and real-time data to develop an overarching narrative for the brand and a set of supporting themes and messages. This storytelling framework will allow us to design an editorial structure that will allow your teams to operate as a publisher.    


Brand Narrative:  This is the foundation by which the brand creates and tells its stories. Every day, in big and small ways, we define who we are. How we frame each interaction tells a story. In this phase of work, we will establish the overarching narrative that all communications online and offline will ladder up to. 

Product and Marketing Messaging Architecture: We envision two different but not mutually exclusive messaging work streams. The first is the outbound messaging, how will we compel people first to stop their scroll, read what we have to say and then click to explore more. Once we get them into our brand experience what the next set of messages we will use to convert to give us a try and finally how to, we keep them hooked. This work stream will define the key themes and subsequent messages that need to be communicated to drive participation. 

 Style and Tone: Since we are creating a new brand it’s essential to determine the style and tone in which we want to communicate. This phase of work will outline how we talk to people and more importantly how we do not along with the attributes that should be used to shape all interactions with people.