How YOU stack up against competitors?

We will develop a comparison matrix that showcases the competitive environment. Brands are always fighting for eyeballs and identifying opportunities for engagement across social platforms.  Getting a clear understanding of your competitive environment, the tools, the tactics and the content types used to engage, will provide us with a solid foundation in building the right engagement model that will yield a competitive edge.

How we help answer this question:

  • Competitive Social Footprint Review (3 competitors)
  • Key Insights and Area Of Opportunity

How will we do things different in 2017?

Social media channels play an essential role in the entire customer experience from awareness to acquisition to advocacy which is why a good strategy will align many tactics against each of these key moments. Our 2017 plan will be grounded in a solid understanding of the ideal customer(s), The brand and it’s new products and the trends shaping larger cultural landscape that might affect both. In this phase of work, we will develop a series of ideas that will fall into one of three buckets, evergreen content, engagement or product model campaigns. These ideas will be vetted, prioritized and laid out across the entire FY2017 calendar.

How we help answer this question:

  • Evergreen content strategy
  • Engagement strategy
  • Product/Service campaigns
  • Prioritized 12-month roadmap

How will I know if WE are winning?

Proper measurement and KPI design are essential in attributing real ROI in content creation, and yet many brands fail to sufficiently develop a  plan to analyze results. We will help you create the proper system that incorporates real-time engagement data and other performance metrics to continually refine and iterate the social media so that it delivers an optimized output. 

How we help answer this question:

  • Reporting scorecard
  • Reporting Technology Stack  

What will I need to invest?

To achieve a return, we will need to make the investment. In this phase of work, we will detail the cost required to execute the 2017 plan. Each cost will be aligned to a business goal to help you better evaluate where it would like to place its bets online. 

How we help answer this question:

  • Content creation
  • Campaigns
  • Community Management
  • Agency support
  • Staffing
  • Paid Media