Step 5: Outbound marketing - How we make people aware of the new product and keep them engaged. 

Building awareness of the new resource that is being built is as important if not more important that the product itself. Once we have a clear sense of what the roadmap is, the consumer experience and a clear articulation of why people will use we must begin aggressive marketing and PR campaign to drive awareness. 



Content Marketing Strategy:  In today’s fragmented world, stories are consumed as bite-sized pieces of digital content a brand must shape its perception over time by the stories they tell AND the stories other people tell them. Our combined team uses a narrative-centric model with the rigor of editorial newsroom to guide what stories are told, to whom we are telling them, and where they are placed. Below are the components we will address to develop a comprehensive content marketing strategy. 


Editorial Design: Designing right-sized editorial team models that meet the needs of today and that grow with you. Tailoring a nimble storytelling organization requires not only the right roles to conceive, create and share stories but also the workflows and data inputs necessary to ensure a brand can quickly repeat success.

Content Lifecycle: Efficient publishing hinges on having the ability to move quickly from idea to concept to creation and publishing in a predictable way. The best way to do this is by having a system in place where everyone knows their role, the inputs and outputs that happen each step of the way, and the tools in place to facilitate collaboration. We will design publishing workflows that allow you to work across regions, partners and channels. 

Content Technology: There is no shortage of technologies to help marketers manage their content marketing capability. We have deep experiences in a variety of technologies ranging from deep enterprise systems to SaaS-based solutions. Based on our requirements and investment levels we will work with you to develop a technology plan that is aligned to the experience roadmap.

Story Development: Deploying a small team to mine continuously for stories inside and outside of the organization. In addition to uncovering stories from within we will employ a data journalist to dig into internal data sources to find new story angles and proof points. A series of story ideas to fill in the first quarter editorial calendar will be the outcome.

Channel Plan: Today’s digital consumer experience is an omnichannel one, and as such we will need to determine which channels we will be present in and what role it will play in supporting out goals. We will develop a channel plan aligned to support the selected conceptual platform. 

Protocols and Compliance:  We understand part of a successful workflow is ensuring there are policies and procedures in place to allow for efficient approvals, legal and compliance reviews, and crisis management.  Working with existing procedures in place for communications across all channels, we will help develop new processes where needed and new standards for how the publishing model will support organizational communications requirements. 

Measurement Model: With an average customer experience spanning across at least seven touch points it is important to know which channel is delivering the most value for the investment. We will design a measurement model to help you know what tactics are working best and why. 

Creators Network: Storytelling for multiple audiences and platforms can require several types of creative ranging from an automobile journalist to people who create short form content for social. We will develop an extended network to curate the right types of on-demand talent to fulfill different kinds of story development and integrate these people into a logical workflow model. 

Launch Campaign: With this phase of work effectively being the coming out part for the new product we propose developing a launch campaign to reach national audiences. In this phase of work, we will design an omnichannel consumer, media, and retailer campaign aimed at building awareness and driving participation in the new platform. Our campaign ideas will include but not be limited to social media, experiential, grassroots, mobile, paid media, and PR. 

Paid media: To reach people where they are spending their time we propose developing an aggressive, yet right sized media plan to build awareness, drive participation and build a loyal community. 

PR: We need to aggressively tell our story to media outlets where the people we are trying to influence spend their time. We will develop a targeted media list and a set calendar of PR activities to drive earned coverage of the mission of the organization and the things being done to deliver on this mission.