Social Media Coverage of The Africa Twin

This coverage report spans from May 1 - 11 and looks across Twitter, Facebook Public data and Instagram. . 

Audience Breakdown

Twitter provides our reporting service with the most detailed information for reach and impressions. Facebook had nearly 3x's the number of mentions than Twitter so when factoring the total number it is safe to double the reach and impressions on Twitter to arrive at a total potential reach of ~400k with ~2mm potential impressions. 

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Mentions By Platform

We analyzed the total number of conversations across platforms and Facebook emerged as the clear leader. The sentiment across these conversation and platforms are enthusiasm for the new product and re-sharing of the content the journalist created at the Moab event. 

These Results are limited to public data

Share of Voice

To understand how the Africa Twin compares to other products in the competitive set we looked at 30 days worth of conversation on Facebook since it has the most volume. 

Geographical Analysis 

This interactive map will allow you to see where people engaged in the conversation are sharing from. 

Trending Keywords

These are the keywords that were used most during the 5.1-5.11 timeframe 

Branded Phrases Used When Mentioning Africa Twin

This interactive chart demonstrates the preferred terms people used most when engaging in the Africa Twin conversation. 

What People Are Sharing

Below is a mosaic of recent mentions of Africa Twin