San Diego, CA

At Dispatch we believe exploring the world around us helps people live richer lives. For a decade now we have worked for the largest companies in the world who create the products that enable us to explore this place we call home. 

Our job is simple, increase participation in industries our clients create products for in a way that is inclusive. We do this by designing and implementing marketing experiences that connect brands with active people in the real world, and online. A key ingredient to our success is that we question the conventional ways of doing things. People's preferences are changing so quickly and a result so should the way we help our clients engage with their customers. 

Dispatch is currently seeking a Social Media Strategist  who understands the best ways to engage people using the core platforms where people spend their time. Someone who truly has their pulse on the latest trends and can continuously evolve with the agency.  

Each client varies with their need, so it’s essential you have experience from the initial concept of a program, to daily management of channels, measurement of results and working with social media influencers.  

 If this sounds like the kind of role you are qualified for and a place that’s in line with how you see the world, then we want to hear from you.

Take a minute and think about the stories you would tell us about your success, failures and lessons learned in the follow areas.:

  1. Ideation of new campaigns
  2. The nuances of community management
  3.  Creating and managing influencer programs
  4. Social content strategy
  5. Content planning and publishing  
  6. Creative best practices specific to social media
  7. Insights, trend watching and measurement
  8.  Client management

Can you check these boxes?

  • I have 3-5 Years of social media experience
  • I question conventional wisdom
  • I blend creative and analytical thinking
  • Collaborate with remote teams is no problem
  • I have experience in the outdoor industry or active pursuits (Awesome, but not required.)
  • I have an interest outside of work and don’t bore people over beers with marketing speak 


What's your name?
What's your name?
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